Use of unconstructed message in BizTalk orchestration

There is common issue that is “use of unconstructed message” when developing BizTalk project. Visual studio gives that error while compiling BizTalk project because we are trying to use message which has not yet initialized.


In fact BizTalk message is a XML document. The first way to construct message follows;

1.Creating a message with the help of a System.XML.XMLDocument variable. We have to first declare an orchestration variable of type XmlDocument.Then in a message assignment shape, need to do something like this:

xmlDoc = new XmlDocument();


outputMsg= xmlDoc

If we use outputMsg directly in the construct shape, it gives compilation error.
We create instance of XmlDocument, the issue is resolved.


2.Create new message from an existing message using BizTalk map

3.Assign one message to other(i.e creating a copy of an existing message)


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