Deployment Framework for BizTalk (BTDF)


The deployment of BizTalk applications can be error-prone if you don’t organize BizTalk artifacts properly. Deployment Framework for BizTalk (BTDF) is very useful toolkit, fastest way of deploying BizTalk applications and automates the entire BizTalk application deployment and update processes. BTDF can be found in also BTDF technical guideline is here. The release 5.1 is compatible with BizTalk2013 and Visual Studio 2013. While setting up release 5.0, the deployment project never seen in visual studio create project dialog.

The Architecture of BTDF

Architecture of BTDF

Architecture of BTDF

Steps of using BTDF

After installing BTDF, Deployment Framework for BizTalk project template can be selected to create into your solution which is going to be deployed.





btdfproj fils important because all configuration can be done about deployment. For example you can set your BizTalk host name, also define your third party or custom components in here. The best practice can be said that Orchestrations, schemas and maps shall be seperated different projects or dlls rather than collecting same project. In my POC My orchestration, schemas and transforms are in same project and it’s output is SQLAdapterPOC.dll.

<!-- !!! TODO !!! -->

<!-- Add ItemGroup elements that contain one or more Schemas, Orchestrations, Transforms, etc. elements that describe -->
 <!-- the specific artifacts in your solution that need to be deployed. Use IntelliSense as a guide. -->
 <BizTalkHosts Include="BizTalkServerApplication"/>
 <Components Include="SQLAdapterPOC.dll">
 <Orchestrations Include="SQLAdapterPOC.dll">
 <Schemas Include="SQLAdapterPOC.dll">
 <Transforms Include="SQLAdapterPOC.dll">


Click Build Server Deploy MSI. If the configuration file is well organized, the msi is generated successfully.

In configuration file, you mention that includeOrchestration is true, you should specify the assembly file in the item group. Otherwise BTDF will give error which is specified (or default) file can not be loaded.







You need to delete the application is already deployed using with BizTalk Administration console. MSBuild.exe gives error SQLAdapter application is already exist.



The BizTalk project assembly and artifacts are deployed properly. Deploy result file can be seen below is created by BTDF. The components are deployed to GAC. BizTalk host service and IIS is restarted. The deployment finished automated way.



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